We can help you obtain visas quickly and resolve urgent related issues. We strive for a successful solution to your inquiry the first time around. If additional documents not mentioned in the standard list are needed, we will inform you prior to commencing the process.

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Brazil
  • Schengen countries
  • Other countries

Passports and Citizenship

We make sure you and your family get the necessary documents promptly, saving you precious time dealing with government institutions.


  • first-time applicants
  • passport renewal
  • replacement of lost/stolen passports
  • re-entry permit to Russia
  • Russian citizenship for minor children up to 18 years old (one or both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation)
  • verification of Russian citizenship


  • first-time applicants
  • passport renewal
  • replacement of lost/stolen passports
  • adding pages to a passport
  • getting a new passport after a name change
  • passport cards


  • first-time applicants
  • passport renewal
  • re-entry permit to Ukraine


We can prepare any Power of Attorney for use in the United States or countries of the former USSR. We know the intricacies of preparation and all related documents needed.

    Power of Attorney

  • general
  • property (buy/sell/ exchange or gift)
  • privatization
  • registration/unregistration
  • bank issues
  • pension
  • vehicle management (sale, purchase, exchange)
  • discovery of documents (receiving of duplicates, certificates, extracts)
  • inheritance, etc.

    Statements, Agreements, and Certificates

  • registration or removal from registration
  • application for recalculation of utility bills
  • consent for performing notarial acts by power of attorney
  • parental consent for child to travel abroad


  • life certificate
  • certificate of the departure date from Russia
  • Power of Attorney for opening a pension account
  • Power of Attorney for managing a pension account

    Document legalization

  • Apostle (internationally recognized form of authentication to ensure document legality)
  • Consular certifications of documents


  • Invitations to the United States
  • Affidavit of support
  • Preparation for an interview with the US Embassy
  • Electronic questionnaire for obtaining a visa


We can expedite certified translations for any type of document. We can also provide a certified interpreter.

    Written translations

  • Certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death, name change, military record, employment record, vaccination, etc.)
  • Extracts, and court orders
  • Diplomas (high school, higher education, addendum)
  • Any type of document (politics, medicine, philosophy, scientific and technical articles)


  • Immigration interviews
  • Business meetings


  • Legalization of diplomas issued outside the United States