We treat you like family


TodayConsult was created in response to the growing complications clients have to deal with when compiling documents in the United States.

In one notable but common situation, a lawyer further frustrated the preparation of documents on a deadline. The lawyer made repeated promises, but did not deliver. Neither the client nor we could reach the lawyer by phone. After over a year of this poor communication, this client’s case was unable to be realized due to neglect.

In another unsuccessful situation, a family filed a petition for family reunion with their parents. They waitied years for an approval, but due to one mistake made by so-called specialist, the petition was denied.

These two cases are commonplace. We know when your visa gets denied or you miss your vacation because a travel agent failed to inform you of what documents are needed, you lose time and you can lose money.

We’ve learned from our own experience, that any document can determine a client’s fate.

That’s why we treat every case as we would for our relatives and for ourselves.

Step 1

You receive the full list of all documents needed before starting the process. We check the government agencies updates daily.

Step 2

We double check for unforeseen circumstances. Our experts check every document with you before we submit it.

Step 3

We monitor your case daily after sending the necessary requests to the corresponding institutions.

Step 4

We send your documents via USPS, FedEx, UPS if needed.

We’ve gathered the best experts in the field of document preparation in order to save you time. We expedite your long-awaited reunion with your relatives, your trip to be at a conference on time, or the vacation of your dreams!

Your time is precious, so we resolve almost the whole process remotely.

We follow these high standards every day. We are always happy to help with any delicate situation regarding your documents wherever you are, any day of the week.